Campaign Zero Sponsor Program

A journey to clean up plastic waste and create circular plastic loops

Plastic waste is a human problem. We use plastic and we need plastic. Plastic isn’t the problem, the way how we manage plastic is the real problem and we need to solve this.

By using mobile and decentralized technologies we are able to engage people to be part of a global clean up movement and reward them with financial incentives.

Mine – Collect – Loop

With Ptagger (mobile app) we want to engage people with smartphones to become real super heroes to tag, collect and drop off plastic waste and reward them with exchangeable crypto tokens.

Ptagger’s first version is aimed to identify (quantity, quality, plastic types and brand recognition) plastic waste through machine learning and AI (artificial intelligence) algorithms with the help from our users by tagging their plastic waste before entering their bins.

Once our AI engine has been fed with data, we can start to develop and integrate all features to tag, localize, collect and loop plastic waste out of our natural environment.

We expect Ptagger to be fully operational and clean up 57,000 tons of plastic waste on a global scale through our ecosystem before 2025.

Sponsor Levels

As a pre-seed impact startup company OCEANPLASTIK we need to get initial funding to start developing Ptagger version 1.0a.

Therefore we have created an attractive sponsor program for companies who would like to support our journey to mine and collect plastic waste and create loops to give plastic waste a realistic value proposition which contributes to Plastic Zero.

Sponsors contribute by paying an initial fee to help us to develop and launch Ptagger version 1.0a starting from October 2021 till June 2022.

Your contributions will be used to hire trainees from Universities, a marketing budget to promote Ptagger in various countries, hosting, SaaS services, create merchandising products to reward our users and involve schools.


Benefits all sponsors

  • Listed on-site and in-app
  • Mentioned on our social media channels
  • Listed within all Ptagger account activation emails
  • Listed within our pitch deck

Benefits Gold, Platinum and VIP sponsors

  • Mentioned as @sponsorname in our social media postings
  • Mentioned in a full press release
  • Listed within the awareness Program for Children
  • Logos and URLs printed on T-shirts

Benefits VIP sponsors

  • Maximum two VIP sponsor positions
  • Listed on the Ptagger Treasure Map (on-site and within our pitch deck

More information

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions and/or comments about the Campaign Zero Sponsor Program or want to join of our sponsor levels.

Contact us

Phone (WhatsApp)
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Downloads (PDF)
Download the Campaign Zero Sponsor Program (PDF) documents in either English or German.