Modern life would be impossible without plastic but unfortunately, over time we completely lost control over this great invention.

There are approximately 6,3 billion metric tons of plastic waste floating around on our planet.

150 million metric tons of plastic debris are circulating in our oceans and 8 million metric tons of plastic debris are added annually.

Plastic is now threatening our lives, health and every creature on our beautiful planet.  Scientists predicted that without any changes all marine wildlife will extinct within 2-3 generations!

OCEANPLASTIK is a new eco startup targeted to clean up and recycle (ocean) plastic debris using decentralized and mobile technologies.

Through a decentralized approach, OCEANPLASTIK aims to clean up 19 million kilos of plastic debris within a period of 4 years.

By giving cleaned up and recycled plastic a real value we want to motivate people to tag, localize, collect and drop off plastic waste.

OCEANPLASTIK starts to develop its decentralized ecosystem in 2020 and estimates to be operational in the beginning of 2021. 

This unique decentralized ecosystem is based on a mobile app (to tag, localize and collect plastic waste), a decentralized marketplace (for recycled plastic), recycling and production facilities (to manufacture new endurable plastic products).

Everyone who’s active within the ecosystem with localizing and collecting plastic waste is automatically rewarded with money (exchangeable crypto tokens).

Besides localizing, collecting and recycling (ocean) plastic waste,  OCEANPLASTIK will create (local) job opportunities, bring awareness, educate and fuel local economies in regions that are affected by plastic pollution.

OCEANPLASTIK has created a partner program for companies who are co-responsible for the plastic pollution problem or companies who just want to contribute and clean up plastic waste.

Additional, OCEANPLASTIK aims to involve (local) governments. 

OCEANPLASTIK SRO is a limited liability company, registered and incorporated in Brno, Czech Republic under the company registration ID registration ID 07724322