OCEANPLASTIK joins the Solve School Program

We are happy and excited to announce that we have joined the Solve School Program, a six-week online part-time program for founders actively solving the world’s biggest challenges.

Solve School is looking for founders and startups from around the world.

The focus for Cohort #1 is solving “Plastic Waste/ Circular Economy” but as we know “Plastic Pollution” is directly linked to air quality, food waste, modern-day slavery, climate breakdown, human health etcetera.

The course format is lectured by industry experts from corporations and startups.

Course format

01 – Design for the planet
How to choose and validate a winning idea

02 – Circular business models
How to choose the right circles, price your product and decide who to trust

03 – Design for humans
How to design a solution which becomes second nature

04 – Behind the scenes
How to deliver efficient operations for a circular business

05 – Understanding your market
How to sell to corporates, governments or direct to consumers

06 – Understanding future consumers
Who are Gen Z, and what does the next generation of consumers look like?

07 – Sharing your purpose
How to measure and communicate your impact

08 – Funding your venture
How to raise capital the right way for your business

09 – Leading your team
How to build a healthy culture and a motivated team

10 – Starting your startup
How to get going and avoid early pitfalls

11 – Manufacturing scale up
How to journey from producing 9 to 9 million

12 – Growth and exit strategies
How to build, scale and sell a £BN company

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