OCEANPLASTIK uses decentralized and mobile technologies to create an advanced ecosystem to localize, collect and recycle (ocean) plastic debris.

With financial support contributed by our sponsors, contributors and ICO raised funds, the OCEANPLASTIK ecosystem will be developed in 2020 and initially deployed as MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in Bali (Indonesia).

This unique ecosystem is based on a serie of apps and systems, that will help us to clean up and recycle as much plastic as possible.

By giving cleaned up and recycled plastic a real value proposition, everyone with a smartphone can earn money (crypto tokens) by tagging, localizing, collecting and dropping off plastic waste.


The PTAGGER app (for Android and iOS) is free mobile application to tag, localize, collect and drop off (ocean) plastic waste.

App users automatically receive cryptocurrency with their tagging, collecting and dropping off activities.

The PTAGGER app uses gamification elements and has educational features to motivate users to participate during the cleanup process.

In Bali (Indonesia) we will set up two managed collection points where the PTAGGER app users can drop off collected plastic waste.

These collection points also address awareness and educate people (tourists and locals) about the global plastic pollution problem.

Collected plastic will be processed (washed, sorted and shredded) at connected recycling centers.

People in developing countries that are affected by plastic pollution, will have a safe and secure source of income by being part of the cleanup movement.

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The RPNDEX is a decentralized marketplace for recycled plastic. Connected plastic recycling companies can enlist here their batches of recycled plastic.

Companies who are active with plastic manufacturing (endurable products only!) can purchase their production materials at RPNDEX.

At RPNDEX, all processed recycled plastic are enlisted at a lower price compared with the prices of virgin plastic resin.

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OCEANS tokens is a crypto token, that will be backed by the quantity of collected and recycled plastic.

OCEANS tokens will be used as a safe and encrypted payment and payout method for all our user groups.

People who are active with tagging, localizing and collection plastic waste will have a reliable and secure source of income paid in exchangeable OCEANS tokens.

The OCEANS token ICO (initial coin offering) is scheduled to start from April 1, 2020 and includes a private and crowdsale stage.

The OCEANS token ICO will have a total duration of 9 months and will start in January 2021.

Funds raised with the OCEANS token ICO and financial contributions from sponsors are used to starts developing OCEANPLASTIK’s ecosystem, which is targeted to clean up and recycle plastic waste worldwide.


Opening collection points, recycling and production centers worldwide, is all part of the OCEANPLASTIK ecosystem.

By manufacturing endurable plastic products using hot plastic injection molding technology we want to create job opportunities, awareness and fuel local economies.

OCEANPLASTIK products are sold on our future webshop (using an affiliate/reseller program) and through other sales channels.

All manufactured products are first shipped to the OCEANPLASTIK Brno location in Czech Republic, where all products are packaged and stored before distribution.

Additional, OCEANPLASTIK should be able to manufacture semi-finished products (endurable plastic products only!) for its contributing sponsors who rely on plastic production.

Sales profits will be used to increase OCEANPLASTIK‘s clean up and recycle activities.

Additional we will invest to educate people about the global plastic pollution problem, create job opportunities for and purchase back the OCEANS token from the major crypto exchanges.