Be a hero to your grand children

We are drowning in our plastic trash and if we don’t get it under control it, the future generations after us will eventually pay the prize.

Keep in mind that we are the first generation to feel the effect of climate change, notice that plastic becomes a real problem and we are the last generation who can do something about it!

You might ask yourself what you can do about this? It’s very simple, just change your plastic footprint today and ban single-use plastic out of your life.

Why would you need to buy products and food that are wrapped in useless plastic packaging? Why should you buy bottled water while filtered water from the tap is healthier?

It’s not logical to buy for example fruits wrapped in plastic packaging. You will eat your fresh fruits within 10-15 minutes and the plastic wrapping takes 200 till 1,000 to decompose.

If everyone would change his/her attitude towards buying products/goods and ban single-use plastic the producers need to stop producing.

Together we can make a difference and we need to do this for our grand children and future generations.