The MSC Zoe, the largest container ship has lost 270 containers full with plastic

The MSCZOE, the largest container ship which holds 19,000 containers has lost 270 containers full with IKEA plastic products due to a storm in the Nordsea. This needs to be cleaned up to avoid a disaster.

Extensive debris has washed up on islands off the Dutch north coast after some 270 containers including chemicals fell off a cargo ship in a storm.

As the extent of pollution became clear on five islands including Terschelling, coastguards searched the North Sea for missing containers.

The cargo fell off the MSC Zoe near the German island of Borkum, but the tide carried many of them to the south-west.

But officials said three containers carried toxic substances, and Dutch and German coastguards warned local people to steer clear of them.

One of those containers had a cargo of peroxide powder, and a 25kg bag of the chemical was found on the island of Schiermonnikoog on Thursday, along with several containers and their contents.