Strategic partnership with Biofabrik

OCEANPLASTIK is happy to announce its first strategic partnership with the Biofabrik Group from Dresden (Germany).

Biofabrik’s WASTEX plastic offers a unique solution to turn plastic waste into fuel and energy (sustainable plastic recycling).

For each kilo of non-recycle plastic waste, Biofabrik’s WASTEX solution generates an output of 1 liter of fuel.

Each unit can process up to 1,000 kilograms of plastic waste per day which will be converted into 1,000 liters of fuel. One WASTEX PLASTIK unit delivers energy for 150 single-family homes.

OCEANPLASTIK and the Biofabrik Group both agreed to work closely and combine their solutions and ecosystems to create effective solutions to battle plastic pollution.

In January 2020, all the details about the strategic partnership between OCEANPLASTIK and Biofabrik will be announced.

About Biofabrik
Biofabrik The Biofabrik Group develops and markets technologies for the sustainable management of energy, nutrition and waste problems.

Biofabrik wants to reduce the destructive mining of fossil raw materials and develop profitable business models in the process.

To this end, Biofabrik will build a three-digit number of biofactories in Germany and around the world in the future. These biofactories produce sustainable feedstocks such as green platform chemicals or fuels from waste.

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