Slush 2019

Last week, Sandro Anthonio (founder) from OCEANPLASTIK attended Slush 2019 in Helsinki (Finland) for the very first time to present their new impact startup to clean up and recycle (ocean) plastic waste using decentralized and mobile technologies.

The OCEANPLASTIK‘s founder said it was a very productive and exhausting event but he was extremely happy to be there.

“It was for me personally a real confirmation that we are on the right track and that we are not the only ones who are concerned and trying to do something to battle the global plastic pollution problem”, Sandro said.

After meeting various big companies in person and individuals, I can conclude that a lot of companies are now making the transformation to be compliant to the UN sustainable development goals and are open-minded to fund impact startups such as us.

In the upcoming days, we will follow up with everyone who we’ve met at Slush and hope we can board our first equity or sponsoring partners to start building our ecosystem at the beginning of 2020.

OCEANPLASTIK is an impact startup that is currently in a pre-seed phase and is looking for funding to build a decentralized ecosystem to clean up and recycle (ocean) plastic waste on a global scale.